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Wed, Dec. 24th, 2003, 06:42 am

Ashley Wilkes, a fifth year Slytherin girl who was a close friend of Bellatrix’, came bounding into Black Manor the morning after the incident at the Ministry Ball, looking quite smug. She said hello to Mrs. Black, before rushing up the stairs and into Bella's room, throwing open the door with a flourish. "BELLATRIX BLACK!"

Bellatrix, who was sat on the chaise lounge in her bedroom, smiled at her friend. "ASHLEY WILKES!" she exclaimed, getting to her feet. She was dressed in plain black robes, ones that she rather unfortunately forgot did not cover her 'marks' from the night before.

Ashley ran to Bella and gave her a short hug, before stepping back to look at her. "My darling brother said he saw you last night at the ball, and that you were totally smashed! Do, tell," she squealed, rushing to shut the door before plopping down on the bed.

Bellatrix smirked, "It's my father's fault. He gave me the liquor." She was obviously avoiding the real subject at hand.

Ashley grinned leaning her chin on her hands. "Don't play dumb with me. I see those hickies are your neck! Who was it? I tell you everything, it's your turn! You know me, I'd die before I told!"

Bellatrix looked down for a split second before muttering, "It was no one, Ashley, really."

"Bella, I know you. You are dying to talk about it, I can see it in those evil little eyes of yours. Now spill, everyone is downstairs, it's just us," she said, bouncing up and down a little. This must be good.

Bella glared at her, half playfully. "All right, fine," she paused for a moment too long before finally sighing, "Sirius."

Ashley just stared, half in shock, half in awe. "Sirius as in your cousin Sirius Black?

Bellatrix nodded slowly, not breaking eye contact with her friend.

Ashley stood up, muttered a charm to lock the door, and then turned to face Bellatrix again. "I want full details about this one."

"Well," Bellatrix started, "Like I said, my father gave me his drink, and I went to get more, and I started dancing... the rest is just a blur," she started to feel nauseated. She could still taste his lips on hers.

"Bellatrix, this is big! Not only is Sirius Black your cousin...he's...he's...Sirius Black!" Ashley hardly dared to believe it was true.

She looked up at Ashley, her face slightly twisted with disgust. "What do you mean he's," she started a mimicking tone, "He's Sirius Black!?"

She rolled her eyes at Bellatrix. "You know what I mean Bella. Every girl in the school would die to hook up with Sirius Black, and can you blame them?"

She looked at Ashley, horrorstruck. She'd barely just finished being closer to her cousin Sirius than anyone should ever get to their cousin, and Ashley was going on about his popularity. "Ashley, no, I don't know, because before last night,
I didn't think of him in that way," her last words trailed off as she remembered just how much she'd wanted him, the thought was addling her brain, she was confused: He was forbidden, and she knew this, but he was more perfect for her than even Rodolphus.

Ashley smirked, her eyes twinkling. "I knew I'd drag that out of you. It just took the right motivational standard. Now, moving on. Your little mind is like a steel trap," she sneered, " and I want to know exactly what went on. You can't pull that 'we were drunk' crap with me. I know you better then that."

Bellatrix just looked at her, "But Ashley... we were drunk. You're right, though. Still doesn't mean that I didn't know exactly what I was doing." She smirked. If Ashley wanted the whole story, she'd get it. "Well, Dearest, I already told you how I got the liquor, but when I was walking back from getting even more than what father gave me, I spotted Sirius amongst a pile of his own glasses. I walked over to him and dragged him on the dance floor where we danced very close, and somehow ended up on the floor with him on top of me... We started kissing more and more," she gestured to her neck, "then he gave me these, then he got a little rough when I started putting my hands down the sides of his pants," she grinned, "and that's when I got this," she pulled the neckline of her robes aside to show Ashley a rather purple bite mark on her shoulder. "Then, he suggested we move back to the back wall, where he started to put his hands up my slip-dress... until Andromeda caught us, the bitch." Bellatrix breathed.

Ashley stared, wide eyed. "Wow. I knew you were in your right state of mind you little slut," she giggled, bouncing up and down again. "He bit you? And you let him? If Rodolphus bit you, he'd come out of it missing a few body parts," she smirked.

Bellatrix giggled. "Quite right he would," her hand went subconsciously up to the silver chain and charm around her neck as she sneered. She dropped it before she went on.” But yea, I let him, it was great, Ashley..." she said, softly.

Ashley's eyes grew even wider at Bellatrix’ proclamation. "Bella...it was great? What exactly are you getting at," she asked, holding Bella's gaze. This was certainly getting more interesting by the minute.

"I... I don't know, Ashley; I'm still hung-over, forget I said anything." Bellatrix floundered for any excuse to escape having to admit that Sirius was better than Rodolphus could ever be at these things. But he was her cousin, she shouldn't have these sorts of thoughts about him...

Ashley shook her head, scooting closer to the beds edge. "No, what is it? I'm your best friend Bellatrix, you can tell me anything, and you know I'll keep it secret. I have to admit, I'm also rather intrigued by all of this as well." She stared at Bella with open eyes, willing her friend to tell her everything.

Bellatrix bit her lip and looked around her room in thought for a minute before meeting her friend's eyes and just blurting exactly what she was thinking, "Rodolphus could take lessons from Sirius. That's all."

"It must have been really good Bellatrix. What exactly did he do that Rodolphus couldn't," she asked, knowing full well that Rodolphus Lestrange had all of the appeal of a stick in the mud. But just the same, she wanted to her Bellatrix say it.

"Just the way he moved; he was right with me, never awkward... Rodolphus is always rather clumsy, not very smooth at all. Siri's touch was like fire, I could feel it in every nerve of my body; Rodolphus, it just feels like... well, like it should feel when Sirius touches me. Like, just another person touching me." Then it hit her... what if Rodolphus found out?
A look of worry crossed her face and she stammered, "R-Rodolphus... he can't know about this!"

Ashley shook her head, entranced by Bella's words momentarily. "He won't, I'm sure no one saw you two. But Bella...that sounds...amazing. Seriously. Did he ever question what you two were doing? I mean, that's a big deal," she blurted out, her head heavy with all of it. It was a big deal, a huge deal in fact.

"Andromeda saw us, Ashley; I wouldn't be surprised if she's already owled half the school." She sighed, and went on, "Yes, I vaguely remember him saying something about how wrong it was, and me telling him that that was what made it exciting..." She gave a short, half-laugh, half-sigh.

"Well, I don't think Andromeda will do anything honestly. She's your sister, even if she is a bitch. And she likes Sirius, so she'll keep her mouth shut. So he did attempt to stop? Interesting," she mused. "So, what do you intend to do about all of this?"

"Attempt to stop?" She laughed, "No, he did no such thing, he said it mid-kiss." She looked down at a loose string on the linens of her bed, pulling at it, she sighed, "I don't know what I'm going to do... There's not much I can do, you know? What's done is done and all that."

Ashley smirked then, sighing at Bellatrix oblivious attitude. "That is not what I meant. I meant, will this happen again," she asked, lowering her eyes to look at Bella, "and do you want it to happen again?"

She looked at Ashley, and with the thought of it actually happening again, memories of the night before came flooding into her head and her face flushed. She knew more than well that she wanted it to happen again, how could she not? "I...well..."

"You do," Ashley stammered. "You really do. Oh Bella....but I can't say that I blame you. He is rather handsome," she said, talking more to herself then Bellatrix.

"Yeah, I guess I do. I want to finish what we started," Bella shrugged. But then she shook her head, "Not because he's handsome... not for any of the shallow reasons that every girl at Hogwarts would do it for. No, he's none of those things to me." She kept shaking her head, not sure how to explain what she had on the tip of her tongue.

Ashley cocked her to the side, deviously intrigued. "He's what to you," she asked, leaning forward, desperate to know. "What sort of thing?"

Bella closed her eyes, and exhaled, letting all of the air escape from her lungs before inhaling silently, looking at Ashley. "I don't know... just pure... passion, fire, you know. Like, it's unspoken between us, and probably always has been."

"So you think," she asked, reclining back, "that you and Sirius always wanted each other, but never had the chance to act upon it? So being drunk, gave you the perfect reason to do so, without making it look...obvious? That is so very scandalous," she commended.

"Yeah, that." Bellatrix said, softly. She knew her face was red, she could feel the heat burning in her cheeks. She closed her eyes and tried to think of things to get her mind off of him, but they wouldn't come. "I hate him..." she hissed, all of a sudden.

Ashley rolled her eyes again. "No, you don't Bella," she whispered, "and that's just the trouble. You don't hate him, you want him."

Bella breathed as though she had been deprived of air for hours. "Is it possible, do you think, that those two emotions could be so alike in the way they make you feel, that you wouldn't be able to know the difference until it was too late?" She looked at Ashley, clearly worried.

She nodded, actually understanding what Bellatrix meant. "Yes, I do. I know you loathe Sirius, but in the most bizarre way Bella. You hate him, and that just makes you want him more. Especially since he hates you as well. Am I correct," she asked, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

Bella stared at Ashley for what seemed like ages before finally nodding. "Yes, yes that... yes," she stammered, smiling sheepishly.

"What I don't understand," Ashley pressed on, "is why Sirius. You hate a lot of people Bellatrix. Why him? What made him special?" This was the part she didn't understand at all.

Bellatrix thought for a moment before replying, "I... I think that all those people that I hate, it's just a base hate, the very most basic dislike and loathing you can have for someone; like, I HATE Muggles, but I'd never go snog one, and feel like this. With Sirius, it's different... I'm not sure why it's different, it just is, it's a carnal hatred: I can feel it in every fiber of my being."

"So," she smirked, "was it good? I mean, I know it was good, but was it that good?" Ok...so the girl had a one tracked mind, but didn't you blame her? This was a hot story! "I mean, was it passionate? Did he feel the same you did, or was he sort of....hesitant? If he hates you the way you hate him, it must have been spot on amazing," she said, a hint of laughter in her voice.

"It was beyond good, Ashley. There wasn't any hesitation: I just went up to him and he sort of followed along, then we reached a point where we were both moving together, then he took over, and I... I was... well," she looked around, not meeting her friend's eyes, "submissive to him." She went on quickly, "Spot on amazing wouldn't even be able to touch it with a ten thousand foot pole, Ashley." She looked at her, completely serious.

"Wait...you mean you, Bellatrix 'no one pushes me around ever' Black, submitted yourself willingly to Sirius, and let him have his way...so to speak? It truly is amazing," she snorted. "He must have been Godly for that to happen."

Bellatrix smirked, "Godly, yes."

"Just imagine how things could be if he wasn't your cousin," Ashley said, sprawling out across the mattress.

"Honestly, Ashley, that's just it. If he weren't, it wouldn't be like this..." Bellatrix fell back beside her, her hair splaying out like a dark halo.
"Bella, in all honestly, cousins or not, you're lucky you got a chance with Sirius Black," she laughed, turning on her side to look at her friend. "Everyone knows he doesn't snog with just anyone. I'm sure he had a motive behind that drunken facade."

"You think?" Bella blurted, a little too suddenly, and a little too hopefully.

"Well, yeah...didn't you ask him?" Ashley quirked an eyebrow. "What the hell happened to your lip? And your nails," she shrieked, grabbing Bella's hand. "Did you get into another fight with your sisters?"

"No, I didn't think to ask him, why would I have asked him anyway?" Bella rolled her eyes. "My lip?" Bella put her hand up to her split lip, and her eyes went wide as she remembered Sirius biting into it. She put her hands in the air so she could look at her nails, they weren't immaculate like they usually were. "Uh... no, I didn't fight with them."

"So what happened? Your lip looks pretty bad. It's all bruised and bleedy looking," she said, leaning in for a closer look.

"Sirius happened to it." she said, plainly. Ashley already knew the rest of the story, why not just go ahead and divulge that he liked it rougher than what she'd said earlier?

Ashley coughed, a little taken aback. "I think you left out a few minor details," she smirked.

Bella scoffed, "Well, all he did was nibble on my lip."

Ashley snorted with laughter. "All he did? He bit you various times, bruised you up, knocked you to the ground, and broke your nails. What else did he do? Pull your hair and make you bleed?"

"Yes." she said, monotonously, her lips curling up into a Cheshire-cat type grin.

Ashley grinned as well, rather sinisterly. "So Mr. Black likes it rough does he," she sneered. "He seems to be rather a quite interesting lover. It sounds to me like he beat you more then kissed you."

Bella shook her head. "He was kissing me the whole time," she wondered if Ashley could tell that Bellatrix absolutely adored the way Sirius "loved" her.

"I think you rather enjoyed getting roughed up by him, from that grin on your face." Ashley could read Bellatrix like an open book.

"I did. The violence made it so much better..." Bella closed her eyes, a smile creeping up on her lips, she was beyond being ashamed. "He could probably use the Cruciatus on me, and I would laugh and ask for more..." she smirked.

"I certainly never would have imagine him to be that way. Hair pulling, biting....what have I been missing out on all this time," she joked, rolling over onto her stomach.

Bellatrix just rolled her eyes at her and poked her friend with her broken fingernail. "No one's been missing out on anything," she said, "I doubt he'd do anything like that to anyone else..."

Ashley wrinkled her nose, her eyes twinkling devilishly. "One can never be sure. Perhaps I'll find out..."

"Be my guest," Bellatrix shrugged. "It's like you said, he finds someone he thinks he's really passionate about, then finds out he's not and gets rid of them. I'm rather surprised he's with that mudblood girl, Marlene. Though, I expect if she finds out about tonight, he won't have to worry about her much," she giggled.

Ashley giggled along with Bellatrix, feeling rather devious. "Oh, you wouldn't...would you? He'd be really upset with you Bellatrix, if you told her. But can you imagine the look on her face? Her little mudblood heart would just shatter....her darling Sirius cheated on her!"

"...with his own cousin!" Bellatrix' eyebrows raised in mock horror and she rolled toward Ashley in a fit of giggles. "No, I..." she giggled some more, "I hadn't really considered telling her, but... now that you've planted the idea in my head..." she smirked evilly.

Ashley clapped her hands in delight. Tormenting the Muggle borns was a favorite hobby of hers. "Do you think she likes him, for more then his looks I mean? That's the obvious reason to like him...and I wonder if they've snogged? You could really crush her with this!"

"I seriously doubt she does," Bella sneered. "She's from a half-Muggle family. She couldn't possibly care about anything else." She crossed her arms over her chest, flinching a bit because of her shoulder. "I could crush her... actually, I think I might. A bit of 'break the muggleborns' sounds like it might break the monotony around here, today."

Ashley bit her lip, a bit apprehensively. "What about Sirius? He won't like that at all....I certainly don't want to be on his bad side.

"His bad side?" Bellatrix gave a little half pout, half sneer. "Fine. I'll do it alone. You don't have to be in on it," she said, knowing that Ashley would have a hard time passing such a game up.

"You know it will piss him off Bella," she said, twirling a lock of hair around her finger. "You just had the best night of...passion...you've ever had, and then you want to turn around and stab the guy in the back?"

"Well, when you put it like that," Bellatrix started, "Yes. It makes me want to do it more." She smiled.

"Count me in," she sighed, a bad feeling in her stomach about this.

Bellatrix grinned at Ashley and put her hand on her friend's. "Great. So, how should we go about telling her? Anonymous Owl? Note tied to a rock thrown through her bedroom window?"

Ashley shrugged. "Whatever you think would be best. I vote for anonymous...he might not trace it back to us that way. But isn't that big Marauders thing on Saturday? Won't she be his date? He'll be even more pissed about that," she pointed out.

Bellatrix pursed her lips. "Yes, it is... perhaps I'll wait till then..." a rather sly grin spread across her mouth.

"What is going on in that head of yours now," she asked, knowing full well it wasn't anything good.

"Picture this," she said, smiling, "They're sitting together on that infernal stage that he's going to have set up, singing along, when all of a sudden an owl drops a note on her lap. She opens it up, reads it,
Dearest Marlene,

Your beau has been engaging in deliciously carnal pleasures with none other than his own cousin, Miss Bellatrix Black. Yes, there are witnesses. Please, keep the screaming to a minimum; you don't want to cause a scene, do you? If you do, we have snipers on standby, ready to hex you.


and sits there, scared to move, scared to scream, letting it fester in her head." Bellatrix laughed evilly at what she'd just said.

"You, are truly, evil," Ashley smirked, "and I love it. What a deliciously sinister idea! Of course, we'll also get to watch Sirius fall to pieces in front of us, in front of the whole school in fact."

"Yes, because he'll naturally want to read the letter..."

"...and he won't now what to do. He'll just...collapse in a big puddle of nothing, which is what he is," she sneered. Ashley stood then, heading for the door. "I have to go, we're having a family dinner. I'll see you this evening," she called, waving goodbye.

Bella waved goodbye after her, left to plot more, and get her plan down perfectly before its execution on Saturday.